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Explore Your Own Quilt Wonderland

Create this magnificent 44” x 40” Wonderland quilt using garments cherished and saved for the memories they hold. Sew those cherished memories into a new treasure with this beautiful 62-page Heart’s Piece Keepsake book.


What a Wonderful Quilt to Sew


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Ripe with bountiful fruits, flowers, and foliage easily created with a timeless appliqué technique, Wonderland is set in a four season border around a forest scene filled with whimsey. Clearly illustrated guidance allows the quilt maker’s creativity to shine through the fabric making a wonderful treasured keepsake.

In the time honored spirit of quilting, this Heart’s Piece Keepsake appliqué pattern combines your cherished garments, fabrics, buttons, trims, beads, and novelties to create a stunning one-of-a-kind Wonderland.

This Heart’s Piece Keepsake is written and illustrated in a vibrant and exquisite style. Each detail and sewing step is completely described and lavishly illustrated, leaving not a shadow of doubt for the quilt maker’s journey through Wonderland to the sunny forest glade.

Whimsical and charming guidance is included to create flowers and forest creatures from clothes your closet may have been hiding for years. Use your corduroy, knits, embellished and lace trimmed garments that were saved and perhaps treasured for their charm and memories. Well, now is the time to celebrate these cloth connections and honor them so that they may live on in your Heart’s Piece creation.

Relive the past and celebrate the future as you remember the times and places that these fabrics journeyed as they set out on their new path in Wonderland to be treasured and admired for generations to come.