Tell Me More About Sleepy Sheep

Sleepy Sheep is a celebration of celestial skies and sweet dreams

This lovely 56-page full-color book contains everything you need to know to create a special place of pastoral bliss in a 23” x 38” king size quilted pillow and nurture the sentiment in your very own keepsake. Instructions are included to create larger quilts and a lovely lambkin plush toy.


These Sheep Are Fun to Sew

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In each Heart’s Piece Keepsake, thorough descriptions in fabric requirements and cutting, allow you to personalize many different aspects of the quilt before beginning to sew. Knowing which fabrics to use helps lead you on the right path to Sleepy Sheep’s heavenly home and to sparkling creativity.

Never strip pieced? No problem! Heart’s Piece’s instructions and illustrations cheer a heart and clearly show every quilt maker they can do this and enjoy doing so beginning today. Quilt and bind with the same thorough and pictorial directions that also allow the quilt maker to deviate onto their own road if desired. No “Quilt as desired, and bind” text here.

The easy and fun pinwheel background is quickly pieced with starry twisty centers. Detailed instructions to appliqué the lovely lambs use the classic freezer paper technique, although its up to you to decide if you want to use your favorite appliqué technique.

Sleepy Sheep’s border is sewn from pieced segments that remain from cutting the pinwheel triangles. Retaining these small treasures means less waste and a dynamic border with no additional piecing. A place is reserved in the Keepsake pages to treasure unused triangles and to remember favorite fabrics with fondness.

Each keepsake book has been beginner tested and quilter assured, with plenty of space to breathe and cherish the experience while creating a keepsake to treasure forever.

As you sew with Heart’s Piece, look for this golden heart. It represents the love you put into your quilts. Throughout our special keepsake books, the hearts will illuminate and prompt you to collect your own creative thoughts, memories, precious fabrics and materials. Long after your quilt is complete, you will want to revisit the pages of these wonderful books so you can treasure forever your own keepsakes and quilt journey.