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A Jewel of A Quilt

Pop Beads is a fresh, modern pattern to create a 66” x 55” quilt, that is easily adaptable to any size. Filled with five pieced jewels and nine appliqué charms, the possibilities are absolutely endless for you to create a one-of-a-kind quilt jewel box with this 68-page keepsake gem.


This Quilt’s a Gem

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 Sew easy and so compelling. As individual as a charm bracelet filled with memories and accumulated fabric treasures, Pop Beads can be an exciting first foray into quilt making or a springboard into bold modern style as each quilt will be filled with faceted jewels and appliquéd charms.

Batiks beam jewel toned inner light, keepsake fabrics radiate warm memories, and charms sparkle and shimmer in celebration of pieces treasured for generations to come.

Additionally, each faceted gem includes instructions to further simplify it to a streamlined shape to support sewing with brand new modern fabrics too bold to cut.

Thoroughly described and abundantly illustrated instructions guide you through sewing five cut gem shapes, from ropes of rubies to multi-faceted emeralds, linked together into a contemporary fabric statement.

Additional allure in Pop Beads is the inclusion of appliqué templates to create lucky charms of fabric memories and textile touchstones. Create charms with cherished fabrics, individualized with embellishments and shimmered remembrance. While on the path to creating Pop Beads, the keepsake book beckons to become a locket, filled with memories to keep close to your heart. By filling the Heart’s Piece keepsake with fabrics, thoughts and feelings, the treasures are held and recalled whenever love needs a twinkle of recollection.

From birthstones to secret gem messages, jewel lore is celebrated throughout Heart’s Piece Pop Beads to remind you of the glorious past while helping you celebrate the modernity of today.

And as in all of our special Heart’s Piece Keepsake Books, connect with your own thoughts, fabrics and little jeweled treasures both in your quilt and in this glorious keepsake that will shine with your own quilt creativity. This quilt and keepsake will sparkle with the radiant light of your own expression containing the charm of your own golden heart. Pop Beads will connect you with all the joy and love that makes quilting a treasured experience.