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A Picture Perfect Expression of Your Creativity

Find fabulous fabrics to create a 21” x 38” quilted king sized pillow that sings with joy. Instructions are included for a larger quilt in which you can orchestrate even more fabric images in this 52-page full color picture book. We’ve also included a special verse – make your own soft cover fabric picture book to store and share all your precious fabric masterpieces.


Picture Yourself Sewing this Super Fun Quilt

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Gathering fabrics into sets of four images, this one-block-wonder can be created in so many variations, limited only by the quilt maker’s imagination. Tell your own Heart’s Piece story in separate picture blocks, which you can weave into one harmonious quilt. The charm of Picture This is in the celebration of the story you wish to tell with this wonderful pattern that can be as unique as every quilt maker. Favorite fabrics, stash, or collected memory fabrics, themed for the quilt maker or recipient, creates a stunning frame for your expression.

Take the Picture This pattern even further, by arranging the fabric images into a scavenger hunt, bug collection, or scrapbook. Use fabrics for their wonderful colors,

evocative pictures and themes to sew a unique quilt treasure chest of memories.

And remember of course, that in each of our Heart’s Piece Keepsake Books, you can collect scraps and thoughts directly in the book, so that your may remember and share this quilt making experience forever.

Each Heart’s Piece Keepsake Book pattern you create is another lesson toward a quilt maker’s creative independence and sense of accomplishment.This pattern takes you by the hand and leads you through that wonder-filled world of fussy cutting. With crystal clear instructions and illuminating illustrations, following along through this brand new approach in quilt pattern books assures an amazing sewing experience and a treasured keepsake, holding the feelings and memory-filled fabrics.

Every Heart’s Piece keepsake pattern is meticulously tested. Picture This was even tested by someone who had never quilted before, with such successful results, our tester felt confident enough to innovate on her own, just by following the instructions provided to meet her own fabric style and desired quilt size. Now, that is what Heart’s Piece is really about – helping you find your own quilt path, with our beautiful, fun-to-read books and unique patterns showing you the way.

Heart’s Piece Keepsake Books are the perfect place to collect fabrics, thoughts and motivations that inspire you to create a cherished quilt. Picture yourself and the ones you hold dear celebrating the stories told in the fabrics of your life and love.