Tell Me More About Peaceful Liberty

An Exploration of Historic Needlework and Quilt Making

Celebrate quilt making independence with this glorious 62-page Peaceful Liberty pattern which creates an 84” x 65” quilt.


Quilt Your Own Expression of Liberty

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Crafted with traditional piecing and appliqué techniques, this Heart’s Piece Keepsake Book will reward you with your story in fabric. Created in bands, the quilt is a snap to assemble and though looks primitive, is anything but. Historic perspective is presented through traditional quilt blocks and voices of those who have sewn before us.

Interchangeable block units assure the quilt maker’s voice is heard ringing through the village celebrating forefathers and mothers that held heart, hearth and home connected through family ties.


Honored to be part of quilt making history, each Heart’s Piece pattern results in a one of a kind quilted heirloom and unique story that comes directly through the quilt maker’s heart and hands. Our Heart’s Piece Keepsake Books all have special pages to record your own stories, your quilt making journey, and allow you to save and savor the fabrics of your family’s lives. Family records and quilter’s independence live through both your quilt keepsake and the keepsake that is a Heart’s Piece book. And this pattern is not a throwback to rustics, but a brilliantly created new look that celebrates and respects the can-do caring spirit of simpler times.

The detailed guidance provided by this Heart’s Piece keepsake through direct descriptions and clear illustrations allows anyone who wishes to create Peaceful Liberty to do so with success. And while the new quilter can begin their quilt making journey with confidence, experienced quilters will enjoy the boundless creativity and individual expressiveness that this pattern encourages. This is what Heart’s Piece Keepsake Books are really about – the path to and through quilting to express your own love and talent.

From fabric selection that enhances this quilt’s folk art feel, through the quaint, calming act and art of quilt making, the experience of quilting this pattern provides a real connection with family and self. Each quilt maker’s story, housed in your own charming village, provides warmth from both the quilt and your heart and an heirloom that will be treasured for generations.

Through evocative art, historical quotes and calligraphic summons, this book captures a unique American tradition of a free spirit from the very first page throughout this journey that will result in your own Peaceful Liberty. And as you put you own spirit into this quilt, you join all others who have ever quilted in a beautiful circle that has for so long, celebrated quilt makers’ love of their own family and tradition.