From Suzanne to You

I started Heart’s Piece because of a deep truth that I knew about quilting and quilters.

As much as I loved to quilt, which itself is an experience of peace and joy that every quilter knows, there is something magical and powerful sewn into every stitch. I will never forget how our boys would snuggle with the quilts I made for them and tell me how they could feel the “mommy love” within. Their quilts would be made from the amazing choice of the beautiful fabrics I loved or their own favorite clothes they wore out and grew out of that I never did have the heart to throw or give away. They would tell me how they loved to see pieces of that favorite shirt they wore when they were 3, that jersey that screamed of young victory, or those cute as heck boxers that no longer fit. It was my way of keeping those precious memories alive for both them and me.

I created my own patterns for pillows, bed quilts and designed terrific themes that would speak to the times of our lives or just be a way for me to express my own love and creativity. Friends would see these quilts and ask me to make something for their daughters from her favorite dress, or from their husband’s ties (which by the way make great quilt pieces ! ) I came to realize that these were no mere scraps or pieces of fabric, but the creation of a memory of boundless love and the ties that bind – literally a Heart’s Piece.

I began to plan a way that others could enjoy making these quilts through my other creative outlets of watercolor painting and calligraphy – and Heart’s Piece Keepsake books just kind of jumped off the page. I am so happy to be able to share these ideas and feelings with you. Whether you have been sewing and quilting for years, are brand new to quilting, or you just somehow wandered into our Heart’s Piece home to just check it out, our books will take you on a journey to your own creativity.

I am so blessed to have been given the wonderful gift of sewing and quilting by those who came before me and so want to make this gift available to others who can continue this unbroken chain through their own heart’s pieces of fabric and love.

About Suzanne

Suzanne Stevens began sewing at the tender age of six to enhance the quality of life for her beloved Ted E. Bear. A North Carolina School of the Arts graduate, she moved to Southern California, attending California State University – Long Beach, earning degrees in film and instructional media. She helped launch The Disney Channel, where she served as a production executive for over 10 years. Painting, quilting, paper-making, and calligraphy were her long time creative outlets. As a young mother home schooling two boys, she created one-of-a-kind quilts with contemporary and treasured keepsake fabrics for her family, friends, and neighbors. Suzanne developed Heart’s Piece as a way to give a voice to her own creative quilt expressions so that others could experience the same joy of discovery, connection and love when quilting is shared. Through watercolor art, calligraphy and whimsical writing, these special books are truly an alternative to the typical text-based instructions and “just the facts” approach of many quilt books. She vowed to make her Heart’s Piece Keepsake Books easy-to-follow, FUN and filled with a celebration of life’s journey through quilting.