Welcome to Heart’s Piece

You Made It ! And now your journey begins. Whether you are new to sewing or quilting or you’re a seasoned pro, you will delight in these quilt pattern books like no other. Not only are these books so beautifully and whimsically written, and the illustrations, so cute and so authentic, but the books themselves, take you on a journey through life’s moments that can only be expressed in fabric.

Each Book A Keepsake – Every One A Treasure

Our Books:

There will be sweet dreams when you snuggle up in this quilt that is both fun and easy for anyone to sew. This lovely 56-page full-color book tells you  everything you need to know to make a special place of pastoral bliss in a 23” x 38” king size quilted pillow or larger quilt. Create  your very own keepsake.

Sock Monkey swings with Heart’s Piece ! Create a 22” x 39” appliquéd king sized pillow quilt with electrifying “Streak of Lightning” borders in a 56-page, full color book. Instructions are also included to make the cutest sock monkey you’ve ever seen so you can receive even more Monkey Hugs !


Travel to Exotic Japan Transported by Glorious Fabrics. This 58-page full color book will guide your through the creation of a 23” x 38” keepsake king sized pillow framing beautiful Japanese Kimonos. Complete instructions are also provided for a larger quilt and an applique’ fan border that holds even more evocative fabric souvenirs of a quilt makers’ unique voyage.

You’ll Have A Ball Making This Quilt. Sports Pennants celebrates team sports and athletic competition in a one-of-a-kind 22” x 38” king sized pillow composed of the player’s treasures and keepsakes. This celebratory 56-page full color book includes additional instructions and patterns for an even larger quilt to help commemorate that championship season.


A Jewel of A Quilt. Pop Beads is a fresh, modern pattern to create a 66” x 55” quilt, that is easily adaptable to any size. Filled with five pieced jewels and nine appliqué charms, the possibilities are absolutely endless for you to create a one of a kind quilt jewel box with this 68-page keepsake gem.

A Picture Perfect Expression of Your Creativity. Find fabulous picture fabrics to create a 21” x 38” quilted king sized pillow that sings with joy. Instructions are included for a larger quilt and fabric book in which you can orchestrate even more fabric images in this 52-page full color picture book.

Welcome This Quilt Into Your Home. Celebrate a homecoming of love and connections with this glorious 45” square quilt detailed in our delightful 52-page keepsake pattern. Radiant with glorious sunlight, this welcoming quilt is perfect as a wall, crib, play and gift quilt.

An Exploration of Traditional Historic Needlework and Quilt Making from Day’s Gone By. Celebrate your own quilt making independence with this glorious 62-page Peaceful Liberty pattern which creates an 84” x 65” quilt and a unique 58-page keepsake scrapbook.

Explore Your Own Quilt Wonderland. Create this magnificent 44” x 40” quilt using those wonderful garments so cherished and saved for the memories they hold. Sew those precious fabric memories into a new treasure with this beautiful 62-page Heart’s Piece Keepsake book.

Capture a Quilting Flight of Garden Fancy. This full color 54-page Heart’s Piece Keepsake Book will help you create a gorgeous 46″ square flowerbed quilt. Instructions are also included for fanciful garden fairies and a sweet quilted bed bag. Great for a gift – even if it’s for yourself!